The perfect uniform in 8 steps

Balenciaga´s Air France hostesses, 1968
Step one: Take off briefing

What type of uniform do you want?

In the first phase the person commissioning the uniform will tell us what type of uniform it is looking for and the environment in which they want to use it. By way of example, is the uniform intended to work in both hot and cold climates, will it comprise just shirts and suit trousers, what accessories will accompany it i.e. gloves, bags and shoes, should we include corporate colors in any of the garments, number of uniforms required .. .

To provide a complete briefing on the uniform, I recommend providing the following information:

- Style: classic, vintage, modern ...
- Fabric: light, wrinkle-free, smooth, plain or print ...
- Sizing: personalized for each person or standard sizes (xs, s, m, l ...)
- Colors: corporate, neutral, dark, light ...
- Itinerary of items to be included as part of the uniform: jacket, shirt dress trousers, coat, apron ...
- Add-ons to be included with the uniform: gloves, headdress, shoes ...
- Approximate budget (if we have this from the beginning we can design something that works within your budget constraints)
- The number of uniform’s required (again we can then provide certainty on delivery and timing if we get this information early).

This phase is very important so that the uniform provider has a very clear idea of what is required.
I recommend that once this has been done the parties record the important points for the design in writing so that both the customer and the uniform provider can review and approve the specification.

Step two: Design

Once we have the information from step one, we, the uniform provider, can begin to put pen to paper and design the uniform.

This stage involves a lot of hard work and effort and as such the work has to be budgeted and paid before the drawings of the designs can start.  After payment has been made we will produce different sketches so that the customer can review and choose their design.

We note that sometimes customers will ask if the design phase can be provided for free. Given the time and work involved, we are unable to accommodate this.

Step three: Select your fabric

Once the design has been chosen it is time for the uniform provider, to present the customer with options in respect of the fabrics and trimmings such as buttons, zips etc.  In collaboration with the customer we will offer our recommendations and together finalise the fabric and trimmings selection.

Step four: Budget execution

Now that we have approval of both the design and fabric, the uniform provider is able to provide the customer with the total budget for completion of the uniform, which will include mainly the preparation of the pattern, the sewing and purchase of textile.

Step five: Take action

If the customer has chosen to go with customised uniforms rather than standard sizing, it is time to take the measurements of each person in a proffesional way.

Step six: Pattern drafting 

The pattern maker will use the approved design and the measurements/standard sizing, draws the garment technically and construct the plans necessary to manufacture it. Once drawn on paper, these plans will be ready to apply and cut onto fabric.

Step seven: Clothing making

This step is split into two parts: (i) preparation of the trial garment and (ii) preparation of the final garment.

(i) Trial garment:

This step involves making the garment in rough fabric. This is to ensure that the design works and that fabric is not wasted. This trial garment is either tested on a mannequin or on a person previously designated

(ii) Final uniform using the chosen fabric:

Once the trial garment is approved the final uniform will be made using the chosen fabric.

We understand that there may be minor adjustments like shorten of the length of a garment, but significant corrections and alterations will require further discussion and may impact budget and timing.

Step eight: Delivery 

Congratulations, we have reached the final phase:  The uniforms are done and ready to use!

We would love to make your new uniforms! If you are looking for a uniform provider please contact us through

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